At Studio Eletrônico, we have been producing advertising videos and films for 34 years. We have highly trained professionals and advanced equipment to record, edit, and finish images and author digital media.

Through constant improvement, investment in technology and providing services that stand out, we aim for quality in everything we do. We deliver flexibility and creativity at competitive prices. We support social responsibility by producing videos for social service organizations. Through these donations, we have been certified as a Friend of Children Company by ABRINQ every year since 1989. We show our commitment to a more balanced society every year.

At Studio Eletrônico, we work with our own equipment for recording, editing and finishing images. We were a pioneer in the Campinas region in having the entire high-definition digital process. We seek to constantly improve our technology to offer our clients the best in production work – from recording the images through to completion – all in high definition.

Our skilled professionals include editors, producers, finishers, advertising specialists and journalists. We have complete and modular teams ready to meet the broadest range of needs in television production.

Over a 26-year history, we have received dozens of awards from organizations such as APP, Intercom, Rio Cine Festival and Festival Internacional Video Brasil, among others.

We are the only production company outside of the state capitol in São Paulo to win the ABERJE National Award, which is given by the Brazilian Association for Business Communication. We have won this award twice. We have additionally won the Brazil Quality Award from International Quality Service four times.

In 2008, through the CPFL Cultural project, our work won the ABCA Award for the “Balance of the 20th Century” program and the Aberje Award for the “Philosophical Café” program, both of which are shown on the TV Cultura station. Finally, we have won the Professionals of the Year award from the Globo television network twice and gold, silver and bronze Galo awards from the APP seven times.